Seat back tables for laptop editing


I'm looking for a table that will strap onto the back of the driver seat, sturdy enough to put my laptop computer on. So that I can sit in the back seat of my explorer and edit without having to rest it in my lap. Any ideas? I've got a pretty hefty laptop, so it'd have to be able to support it.



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I highly recommend a Gamber Johnson mount. They make one specifically for the Explorer mounted using the passenger seat bolts. Had one for a while now and they're solid heavy gauge metal and airbag safe (important!!) They're more expensive than the RAM ones but IMO worth every penny. My mount supported an 8+ pound Toughbook so I'm sure a "hefty" laptop would be comparable.

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I should have mention that the front seat of my Tacoma folds flat, so it can be used as a table. Since I have an extra cab, I can sit on the rear bench to edit.


I highly recommend Gamber Johnson mounting. Make a special one for the Explorer is installed with bolts in the passenger seat. He had one for a little 'time and the solid metal of high caliber and safety airbag (this is important!) Is more expensive than RAM, but IMO worth every penny. I mount a sustained Toughbook 8 + kg laptop so I'm sure that the "weight" would be comparable.
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Would some thing like this work? You can get them at most computer stores. They usually have a bean bag / pillow on the bottom so they stay stable on your lap.



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TV Tray

A couple photogs in my market, including me, use an old TV tray. Push the driver's seat all the way up, TV tray sets up in seconds for the laptop. LiveU in the back for feeding. Works like a charm. Garage sale special!