Rip me a new one!


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Here's a PKG I did a couple weeks ago.

I only had about a half hour to shoot because the reporter I was with had to anchor the 5. I wanted to give him enough time to get back and read the script so we kind of rushed through this sweet hotel grabbing a couple shots here and there. The PR lady even invited us to a free lunch but were forced to turn it down. Bummer.

Latin Lens

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Its a decent effort. Nothing too special just an average piece. I feel you fell into the nat repeat hole by repeating the same nat sound throughout....and it got boring. Find another nat to use...thats the challenge of the job. I understand your time constraints and the piece did not totally reflect that but its a B- for what you ended up getting.


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i thought it was pretty good for banging it out so quickly. i think it was missing something maybe the nats didn't work so well or you could have used a couple of better shots. it just all seemed the same to me. one thing i've been trying to do when i'm shooting is try and get everything i can then think of and different ways to get a shot. either through plants, doors etc. even when your shooting an interview you can take a look around and see if there is something you can shoot through, by or on. it helps alot when you get cut aways too