Resolve new Cut function


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Davinci Resolve 16 comes with a new "cut" feature that they say will mean faster editing for news and doco editors.
Amazing software that is free. I've got the paid version that came with my BM URSA Mini. I use it a lot at home but is anyone using it for a news company?


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Cant say for sure, as I don’t edit, but overall it’s amazing. BM is easily classified as a “disruptive” company, because of what they have put out into the market at the prices they do. Even just the free version of Resolve is more powerful than what cost 5-6 figures in the not-too-distant past.

A big part of me misses needing expensive gear to be able to do the job, because it kept rates up. But looking at what we have now for tools, most of us couldn’t even have imagined them 10-15 years ago. If only we got paid as much for our talent as our toys...