RANT: Why do morons like this get press?


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A relative called me last night excited over a newspaper article about a local man who makes films. To them, this guy was a REAL filmmaker, because he was actually able to work on his own projects, unlike me who only works for other people (like NBC, Discovery, etc.). Besides, this guy has met TONS of stars, unlike me who has only met a few, mostly from the b-list. So, I decided to check out the article. I shouldn't let it bother me, but I do get annoyed when people think what I do is somehow less than this...


The online article left out some of the best parts:

Mark Dennis... has met about 100 celebrities since the mid-'90's. ...

Most of the time, he meets sitcom stars such as Henry Winkler, aka The Fonz from "Happy Days," at conventions in Baltimore and New York City. But his most exciting celebrity encounters tend to happen by accident. He bumped into Danny Devito in an Atlantic City bathroom. ....

He hobnobbed with Ben Affleck at the 2004 John Kerry presidential rally in Harrisburg...

Last July, he sneaked into a party on a cruise ship in Baltimore and met Kevin Bacon.

Dennis said meeting movie stars is all about being in the right place at the right time.
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Eons ago as a local news photog, I met Gilbert Gottfried, Tom & Roseanne Arnold AND Dick Van Patten. Plus, I own a copies of both "Blood Hook" and "Big Trouble in Little China".

Considering that dude's story, I am starting to feel muuuch better about myself as a contributing member of the production community! :)


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No offense, but it sounds like "the relative" in question that was so kind as to point out what a "real" filmmaker is, is pretty much an idiot....

Sorry, I know they're related to you and all..... but they're still an idiot.



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That's ok. I realize that most of the relatives from that side of the family tree still swing pretty high in the branches, and that particular relative still has her tail. (Yes, her tailbone actually tips out, instead of under like the rest of us. :D)

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It seems the guy got press because he's a national finalist and the paper probably doesn't have the threshold for news that you are used to.

You sound a little jealous. My advice: Get over it. Why should you care?


The headline should read, "Local douche bag shares his douche baginess" Seriously though, Newberry Township is a half a step above Mooseport. If you go to York PA and say, "I took a trip into the city today" you're from Newberry Township. They consider Weird Science an obscure movie. C'mon now. If you're from Newberry Township and have met a celebrity, then you've "made the big time". I've never been there, but I grew up in a town in WV with the same type of mentality so I can understand. But I wouldn't really consider getting a paragraph long write up in the York Daily Record, "getting press". And also, I don't know why I just wrote all of this. I might just be that bored and can't fall asleep.

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So...small town boy gets around a little bit and the paper does a little ditty on him?

Wish my hometown paper would do that so the a$$hats back home could be jealous.

BTW Birdy, tell the naysayers that 'real filmmakers' work for studios, not for predictably lackluster fanfare from predictably lackluster Indy Festivals.

Seriously, you guys ever been to one of those things? I think it's a requirement to have nobody on the crew who knows technical aspects of either film-making or the friggin equipment. <gags>