New at this...


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Daniel, not bad for 4 months on the job, no major jumpcuts and you had a couple of nice small victories. I liked the stand up and the anonymous 2 shot was a well balanced natural frame.

I know its easy to play Monday morning quarterback but here is what I would improve on:
-No pans, tilts and zooms unless you're following important action
-Lock down that camera and get rock steady shots, don't allow even one jiggle in your edited shots.
-Think sequences not shots.
-You should have brought your sticks into the shed with the tools, why only one shot of the tools?
-Is there an empty spot on the wall where the TV was?
-Is that auto iris on? If so turn it off and start using your zebras.
-Did they steal the tractor and the birdhouse? If not, we do not need to see them, it was confusing.
-Get your shadow out of the 2 shot and if you do a story near mirrors watch for your reflections there as well.
-Get a closing shot.
-Also on the stand up get your camera eye level and if the background would have suited the story, I think you could have dollied right and had better lighting on your reporter.
-This one is really vague but improve your photography, look for ways to use lines, lighting and color to improve your pictures.

Oh yeah, I know this is not always in your control, but did that guy really need to be anonymous? Also I assume the reporter said in the lead in why he was anonymous otherwise it should had been briefly explained in the PKG. If at all possible press harder on getting him on camera. The story even mentioned family members and neighbors were hit as well, talk to them.

Remember these are just a few of the lame rules you will need to know. I know its cliche but once you know them, then you will know how to break them.


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I agree with the above... Two things missing: Emotion and reaction. All great stories have both. Talk to the reporters you with about those issues. If you have both emotion and reaction in all of your stories, you'll see how you stand out.
Didn't like the interview shot, at all. It was very awkward to me. Also, your b-roll didn't reflect the story. You've really got to think about the story before you begin shooting. Listen to the subject. Everything the subject talks about, shoot it.

You are on your way... Just keep it up and pay attention to everything you are assigned to shoot.


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Great advice on the previous posts.

As far as the anonymous interview... ask yourself WHY are we not showing his face? Then think about how you could you identify the subject if you are the bad guy. In THIS case, you really didn't hide your subject at all. And if you don't hide him, well then the back of the head interview is just awkward.

Remeber, stories need to be watchable, they need to allow the viewer to quickly understand what's going, and not leave them trying to decipher the shot while the important information get lost.