Museum to set up Wire service Teletype display need spares and parts need wirephoto!


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OK on the odd chance your station has something stuffed in the closet...

This week we hoard old teletype machines need more and more parts... We are setting up a wire service corner! Heh! We Will have a computer drive some news to them ... it will have Kennedy being shot Men landing on the moon... all the old news stories... the kids can see how the news REALLY came across the desk!

I used to work on Teletype machines in one phase of my life and the computer interface electronics will be a snap for me... but what I need is some material on hand so I can sustain 2 displays. I think one at the museum and one out at Cronkite /ASU would be great... but this stuff is old so spares, extra machines etc etc etc.

OK also need the machine wthat would print wirephotos/... anyone got an old one!?

OK need any old signs artwork posters manuals.. ANYTHING to glitz it up!

Thanks - Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC ( the other hat)\


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Jack The AP ripper and Jill the AP stripper

My first newsroom, WNEP, was hot stuff in a double wide next to the airport. AP, UPI, Reuters all came to a "bank" of teletypes.. Over head was the ubiquitous strobe system. Alerts, Flashes, Bulletins. Big fanfare, blinking sometimes buzzing or ringing. I have one of the two heavily decorated metal plates that were used to rip the continuous feed paper between stories. The decoration brightly still declares, JACK THE AP RIPPER. Alas, Jill ran astray, to be seen nevermore. There was a day when nonchalance with the placement of Jack or Jill earned a reprimand.

More to the point I haven't seen any of the equipment you were speaking of in a long time. Not even the back rooms of stations I have haunted. Fun to remember though. As such, good luck in the quest.

Jack is too far to pasture to make appearences anymore, Sorry.




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thanks for the memory!

yea it was a time never to be seen again... except perhaps in the dispaly we seek to recreates the old times with....
That sounds great. I have an old Associated Press M15 teletype, but I'm not sure I want to part with it yet. I'll be interested to hear about your progess.