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I currently work in LA. KNBC is cutting overtime and not really hiring staffers. Its all freelancers within NABET. Most of the shooting at KABC, KNBC, KCBS/KCAL is about turning out LIVESHOTS like nobody's business. You edit in the truck as fast as you can, feed it back and get on the air live all afternoon long. You rareley have the time to go in depth on stories. LA is extremely fast paced. If this is what you want then come on out here, otherwise go to a mid-sized market. Again I can't stress enough that staff jobs out here are hard to get. They want freelancers and daily hires so they dont have to pay benefits.

"Shoot the story, don't become the story"

<Free Lance>

And you forgot one thing, freelancers are treated like Sh*t too!!!
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