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Hey guys...looking for some stations that do some good investigative reporting/editing/photography. I have some that I always check out but perhaps there's some new ones out there that I can learn some stuff from and get ideas. Thanks a lot.


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Our web page is a train wreck & my TV wife just left for greener pastures, so I guess they took most of her/our stuff down. But, I'd be happy to give you access to my YouTube page, if you're interested? It's on private right now, but I can switch to unlisted for a couple days, if you'd like to browse? Just shoot me a PM, if you're interested?


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Even though I don't work there, WFTV.Com always has a fresh investigative piece. Remember the corvette joyride?


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Check out my former station they have a fulltime investigative shooter, producer and reporter that are always working on some cool stuff


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Yeah, but...

Hey AJ...did you see your reporter getting punched made Tosh.0?

Yeah, I heard about it. Didn't really care to see it. At this point, we're(especially he)trying to forget the whole thing. Those crooks are out of business and no longer ripping people off. That's all I really care about. :rolleyes:

Thanks, tho, LL!