If only....


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I know, but it's amusing nonetheless...

As I was staking out a scene today I did here someone advising that the "news media is outside prying for information." Defiantely got a chuckle out of that one...


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I get "Code 20" is at the scene all the time. One of our local cities will say "Code 20 is 97" and one of their PIO's (they have a PIO every shift) will automatically go enroute to the scene to get information for the media and work on a press release.


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Heh... I always laugh when I arrive somewhere and the perimeter officer says on the scanner:

"The media has arrived."

Once I heard a cop say back; "Tell them to go away!" Jokingly of course. But when the sarge came to chat with me I said:

"I didn't go away."

We laughed and then he said:

"I got an IM from (the officer) asking me if I was serious."

It would have been interesting if the officer had come to me and said; "Sarge says for you to go away."

I don't know what the point of this was, and I guess it wasn't that funny. Was one of those 'you had to be there' things.

Sorry, I'll go away now.


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Holy Crap, ewink! That was post #999! Do you have something "special" planned for #1000? Just curious.

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Originally posted by Seagate News:
I'm defiantely jealous... wish we had PIOs... lol.
Go down to the local PD and ask them if they would consider hiring one. If they like the idea, there's a good chance that first PIO could be you.

Being a photog, you already know what the media is going to want to know, where they will want access, etc. I know a guy who left the local paper to be the PIO for Scottsdale FD. It's a no brainer - I think former media guys and gals make the best PIO's.

I'd go for it myself but they would never let me do it out here... I've pissed off way too many cops over the years. :D