How to delete Yahoo mail contacts.

Wheatstone Bridge

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Please pardon my ignorance but a simple operation has turned out to be a really annoying problem.

Yahoo mail is not allowing me to delete unwanted contacts , I've tried everything including Googling for answers but still no solution to this problem. Is anyone else having this problem or am I alone here.


zac love

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This made me laugh, since I thought it was a joke:

Which camera are you using?
But after reading this:

Sorry, I thought B-roll was about television news photography. My mistake.
It makes me wonder if someone is grumpy because it is another sweeps month where everything is over promo'ed & super intense?

Personally beyond b-roll being for TV photogs, I think b-roll is a place where we don't act like the rest of the internet (aka jerks). Yes, this thread probably belongs in "UNCENSORED" instead of "General Discussion" but if Wheatson Bridge has been here since 2008 & has 200+ posts, they're not some newbie looking for tech support.


I use g-mail, but this is what I found, see if that helps:

Wheatstone Bridge

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Well I came here becaue the folks here on this board are the only intelligent ones around that know how to solve news production / computer problems very quickly .Coming to b-roll was a last resort because all inquiries even on Google have not been able to solve the problem.


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If you're in Yahoo mail, click on contacts, click the contact you want to delete, look in the right column and there should be a delete button next to the edit button.
At least that works for me.