Heroin Bust


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I haven't posted a story in ages!
This story is crazy! Heroin is such a huge problem in Ohio and especially central Ohio. We decided to do a ride along with Ohio State Patrol criminal Patrol team. It took awhile to wait for the right moment but we got a stop with 2 kilos of heroin and $$$$! Editing was a bit of a rush job at the end cause we were moved up to the lead at 5 cause of the heroin we found instead of lead at 530. Would like everyone's thoughts.


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Solid work. I don't know if its a style thing but there is a lot of unnecessary movement, 3 or 4 shot size adjustments in one shot. Also some of the handheld is a bit unsteady. Like the shot of traffic near the start, its a nothing shot that adds little and wobbles around. I would have put the camera on the ground and had a stationary shot of the cars looming over the camera as they race past for more impact. The speed check footage is shakier than it needs to be. The world is you tripod. Put your elbow on the hood of the patrol car to steady yourself up. I would have liked a two-shot with the dog to set up the police interview because it looks like he is strangely rubbing his leg off camera.
There seems to be a a lot of exposure adjustments are you on auto for some of it?
Don't like repeating shot of handcuffs at end but I guess there were few options.
But like I said solid work well done.


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Thanks for the compliment! This was challenging to shoot and intense!
We had to be very careful with how we showed the suspect. They didn't want any shot of her face. That was the best one I had of the cuffs. Plus got lucky with that shot. Saw it happening quickly.
No auto focus or iris
We had to wait for approval for me to get closer to the car while they were ripping it apart.
I had some wide shots during the interview outside with the k-9 but I like to change up frames.
As far as the tripod, the trooper wanted me to work quickly while I was outside his squad car. All of this action happened so fast! I'm glad you liked it!