GoPro problems


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I was mounting a Go Pro onto a crane to get some wind turbines hoisted up to a water tower for that extra angle. (I also shot with my camera from the ground and the top of that water tower) The red light blinked like it was recording, but when I took the camera off of the crane, and hooked it up to my computer, there was nothing on it. There were problems with the first lift, the turbine was spinning out of control, so I had to wait 45 minutes with the camera still rolling up there (supposedly) while they went to get some lead ropes to keep it from spinning. I called the client at the worksite and told him that i dunno if the GoPro is gonna have anything because they didn't want to lower the crane to stop recording, and I might run out of card before they do a proper lift. The client said not to worry, it's just an extra angle, But, there was absolutely nothing on it. I am upset about it, I called my client, but he didn't pick up, I sent him an e-mail explaining what happened. I don't know what else to do, but I am freaked out about it anyway.

I already got paid for the gig.

Necktie Boy

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Is this the first time you have used it after a firmware update? And what cards are you using?

You may have the same problem that I have/had. I have a few cards that will start recording the first clip, and stop. Records like 15 seconds. The following the clips roll untill I stop the camera.

With my other cards, The first clip rolls till I stop it. All I could figure out, it's the card.
As I set up, I roll the camera. The first clips stops. Look at the LCD, and see that Clip 2 is ready.

It may be a bug, but I couldn't find anyone else with the problem. It sound like you have the same problem that I have.

Capt. Slo-mo

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Is it GoPro2, or the original, and what kind/class of card are you running?

I've also had had an occasion with a quick set up that I advanced the power button more than once, and got the camera out of the video mode, and into one of the other imaging modes, at least one of which appears to take a few seconds of video, and stop.

In addition a too slow class of card, or one not formatted properly could be the issue.

Necktie Boy

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Good points Bill,

I use class 10 cards. And I did format then in the camera, but they still refuse to record the first clip, longer than 30 seconds.

I have hit the button too many times, and changed the recording setting.


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This was the Go Pro Hero, not Hero 2. The weird thing is, it was working fine when I tested it at home! This one had an extra battery on back, instead of an lcd viewfinder, which I would prefer, so that I can be SURE that I'm rolling.


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The 2 is supposed to have a back coming out this year that allows you to view and control from an iPhone. I'll upgrade to a new GoPro when that is available!

Necktie Boy

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What I understand, the Go Hero 2 with the wireless back will be able to start/stop with the included remote, or via wi-fi. Also, you will able to stream back to a phone or computer, and maybe over the Internet. Not too sure about the last one.

With the old version, you will be able to start/stop the camera. No streaming.

But I was wondering, how much battery power will be used with the wireless back?


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i know it is a little off topic, but the damn controls on the gopro's are some of the worst design ever. You are not the first to have issues with footage missing because you thought it was rolling and it was not!

I've used gopros, the new h2 with monitor back, contours, and drift camera. The drift was easy, has a built in monitor, but big. Contour is easiest to start recording, a monkey like me can do it with gloves on my hands. The latest has bluetooth and will stream live pic to a smartphone.

The gopro has good mounts, wide angle, but awful interface and looks silly on a person. If I have a choice, I use the contour, it is better when working fast.

As to your original problem, I hope you found the answer and can post the fix!



Have you verified that the footage is on the card?
It can have been recorded, but for some reason the recording session aborted and the file was deleted. When a file is deleted, the data inside the file is not deleted (unless you overwrite the card).

Therefore, if you haven't used the card since the incident, you should try that:
- if you are on Mac, use Treasured app search for footage inside the card.
Do Disk > Open damaged Disk... and then select the card and provide a good GoPro file.

- if you are on Windows, you can create a disk image of your card.
Instructions here: for windows