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I'm looking for a inexpensive way to protect my camera from moving while in my work vehicle. I have been thinking about building something myself. At first I was going to get foam and cut a shape out of it, but now I am thinking something with a bit more weight.

Does anyone have any suggestions or DIY links that can point me in the right direction.


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We do two things, 1. we have the camera bags in the back of the car and we place the camera in the bag. 2. We are stating to secure a camera plate in the back of the car and lock the camera in that way.


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I've used Porta Brace Quick Draw cases for nearly 25 years without complaint. It gives the camera a secure place to ride and can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle. I put one of my Steadybags in the Quick Draw case, then set the camera on top to give it more cushion from road bumps.
Not quite related to camera storage, but I recently crafted some storage for a Chevy Suburban. It's mostly for stands, scrim kits, long things... just to keep them out of the way of all my cases and other gear. In addition, I added some switch-activated LED lighting, for the slots, and a bright spot that shines down near the rear of the vehicle off the hatch, for light while loading and unloading.

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I have a Panasonic HXP370 and it fits perfectly in my Miller Solo tripod case. Works as a perfect craddle for the camera.


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Reposting this here from General Discussion:

LED Panel Light Case Recommendation?
I recently bought a couple of 12"x12" LED panels and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a good soft-sided but rugged carry case for them. Preferably something big enough to store stands in a separate compartment.


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Soft cases:

Tenba makes some inexpensive soft cases for the panels you describe. Search "1X1 LED 2-PANEL CASE"

Porta Brace LP-LP1X1, or LPB-LED series bags are expensive but hold up.

Cinebags has one that might work in the middle price range but it can be bulky.

Good luck