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  • thanks for getting back to me so quick about all this, but I've got a couple more for you.

    do you have set hours for when you work and you have to be working the whole time? or is it just like ok tuesday shoot this tour at noon, goto bingo at 3, then shoot bikini pool party at 10 and the rest of the time is yours as long as the shoots get shot? I know i'm asking a lot of question, but I like to know what I'm getting into. If I even get an interview when I apply I know I can ask all of these questions, but it doesn't hurt to get an insiders perspective.
    You had certain things you had to shoot, MOST were at night, some during the day. You shoot what you need and leave. To pass time.... DVD's, projects, Playstation, Bar, hanging out, LOTS TO DO. Parties. During the day, when you are in a port, you are off the ship checking it out. Doing all kinds of fun things.
    so do you have to put in a certain amount of hours everyday, or can you just float around to the different things going on, shoot them real quick and then have the rest of the day to do what you want? What did you do when you weren't working? How did you pass the time?
    ok, so compare it to news. is it like working the weekend shift by yourself and just running all over town shooting vo's / vo sots? I saw a job posting about a year ago for a job on a cruise ship, but it said you had to share a cabin. I could totally do the 6mo no problem, but if I had to bunk up like that I might have to jump ship. what's the deal if you need to leave or need time off for family emergencies or something like that?
    I just read on an old post that you used to work on a cruise ship, what was that like? I saw an opening for Princess Cruise a while ago and it seemed like it might be interesting. Between the long days, repetitive shooting, and cramped quarters I didn't think it would be worth it. Anyway, just wanted your perspective on the experience. Thanks.
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