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We are now flying a DJI Inspire 1. Three guys are licensed and as expected those little rotors have blown a lot of wind up the housecats skirts. We are flying it for live weather/beauty shots in every afternoon show until sundown. The Zenmuse Camera is pretty remarkable. In this market we are VERY limited by no fly zones but I am curious what other experiences people are having.

The images are fantastic. As we figure things out I expect great images. Could be a great storytelling tool in that kind of environment. I have low expectations for that.




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I've been resisting drones so far. I have a lot of experience in flying model aircraft as a kid and know I spent more time gluing them back together than actually flying.
Till now the cheap ones haven't been good enough and the more expensive ones have been too much outlay for me to risk. I'm very interested in the GoPro Karma, it might be good enough for cost, we will see. http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/9/19/12982316/gopro-karma-drone-hands-on-first-fly


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Our station uses one but up until just recently, you had to file a flight plan 24 hours in advance and only a licensed pilot (our chopper pilot) could fly it so the use was limited. Now, the FAA has a license test that our Ops Manager has passed and I'm supposed to take the test soon. We are no longer required to file the flight plan 24 hours in advance so we expect to use it much more very soon.

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What drone for eng?


What drone are you using and what method are you using it to go live with?