Drone helps cops catch drunk driver!


Pretty sure the story has stated that the Sheriff was confronted by three men at gunpoint.....they then ran and hid on the acreage. The asset was used to ensure the guys didn't have weapons at the time police were closing in on them. I can see this being okay overall.....the County had purchased these used drones for just this kind of search...cheaper overall than maintaining a helicopter fleet and all that goes with that for rural county.

I would be against this if the drones were armed and fired on people....but #1 can't happen legally as well as the fact that the grade of ordnance used on the drones cannot be purchased by law enforcement for outside use of the military.

End state - Paul or any president has no way of stopping such acts as happened here...independent of the states....which he is FOR not against so I' think he would be fine with it.

Calm down everyone...and be more upset that the current administration is now proposing a nationwide ban on cell phone use in vehicles.....total taking away of rights but won't hear complaints in the headlines...because the all knowing Fed govt under Obama and Reid know whats best for us all.
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