Boom Mic Recommendation?


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Hello everyone. I am helping a friend who wants to use a boom mic for indoor interviews.
The budget is only $500. I have seen good reviews for the Audix SXC1 HC and Audio-Technica AT4053b as well as the AKG Blueline with CK93 hypercardioid capsule.

This will be used on a stationary stand in a variety of room environments. Looking primarily for HC pattern with strong output.

Any suggestions?




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ME-66 is the standard everyone uses. However, I've always used a Rode NTG2 and I've never had an issue and always had great audio using it.

zac love

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For indoor use I have liked the AKG SE300 / CK91 combo. Really tiny mic & doesn't pick up reflections like a longer shotgun mic.


For shotgun, I really hate the ME-66, it is very sensitive (good signal to noise), but it is too tinny, too sharp for my ears.

Aputure Deity is getting a lot of attention & is getting compared a lot to the Sennheiser MKH-416 (the workhorse shotgun that can't be killed off). At $360, it is an amazing deal.

Rode NTG3 had been the "cheap MKH416" for the last few years, and since Rode is only an audio company, it could still be an option over the Aputure (if nothing other than trust in the brand support being around in 10yrs).

I also have liked the sound of Audio Technica AT897 or AT8035 mics (much more than the ME-66). I've read that "This American Life" has used the mic on their stories, so I think that's a great endorsement, and you can get them cheap on eBay for a $125-ish.


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Thank you everyone. I appreciate your suggestions. Some of you were thinking along the same lines as we were, as you will see below. We didn't really want to go with a shotgun because some of our locations are a little lively and shotguns tend to have issues with reflections etc.

We wound up buying two microphones and will be testing to see which one we like the best. 1) AKG 300b with CK91 capsule and 2) Audi SCX1 with HC capsule.

In preliminary tests, both sound great! The AKG has a slightly crisper high end and the Audix has higher output. It is amazing how small these microphones are!

Thanks every one!!!