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Another solid story Newsshooter3....great nats, great pacing, very nice composition...loved the variety of interview "looks" only thing was the irony you could have used either in the intro or at the tail end for your close....coupled with music instead of the nativity scene maybe you could have used town shots instead thus the ironic part to go with the story...and I think if you did the intro as you did...maybe that suggestion could have worked at the end?

My question...and I have struggled at times with do you get people to continue doing what they're doing (like stamping letters) while doing the interview? Usually they will do it for the first question or two but not through out and it seems like you can a good tactic....advice?


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Please believe that I wrote out this nice long thank you... that got lost... in the internet tubes... somewhere, because I don't see it here now.

But, the short of it was... thanks for your input, as always!