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I hope everyone is safe and doing well with the weather lately.

I have a question about AVCHD work flow.

I'm shooting on a Canon C-100, it makes nice pictures.

I'm editing on a Mac Book Pro with Premiere CC.

I understand the whole "bring the whole card into your computer" and just import what you need into Premiere.

That works fine and all when I'm on a new project and the card is clean.

Today, for example, I had a quick shoot to get a few pick up scenes for a project, and was shooting on a card that already has media on it that I'm not ready to dump.

I can't just pick todays scenes off of the card, so I bring the whole card back into my current project. Now I have 30 minutes of media I don't want in this project and Its talking up more space on my hard drive.

How do I dump what I don't need from the folder I created today?

I put this up on Creative Cow, and only got replies that tell me to dump the whole card to your computer.

Your Thoughts??

Thank you as always.

Joey Hess


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Go PC... sorry couldn't resist :)
A editor I know dumps the whole card in then deletes the files he doesn't want. It gives me the screaming nightmares but he is adamant it works OK.


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I have been messing with AVCHD since I bought a HMC150 8 or so years ago.

In short, yes, you can bring in only the handful of MTS files you need. You can even rename them before importing--as long as they are short files. I'll explain.

What I have found over the years and several different cameras is that if the file spans 2.05 GB (4.08 GB on some cameras) it needs metadata from the card to create a seamless clip when editing. If its not seamless, there is a 2 frame "adjustment" that looks like a recording error or blip.

With a 8 GB card yielding 45-48 minutes of video, that 2.05 GB is about a 12 minute file. If your files are under 12 minutes = no issue. 20 and 30 second files are cake. Bring in only the ones you need and edit away.


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Thanks for the input.

Stephen, I used to be in an all PC shop and we shot on P2 and it all worked very well.

When I became an "impacted employee" I landed a job with our local university, and the department I'm in gave me the option to go PC or Mac. They all cut on Macs, so I thought I should play along with them to save myself headaches down the road.

Thanks again for the input.

Joey Hess
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So, I think I have found a solution to my issue.

Right Click.

After opening the Card and double clicking the Private Folder to reveal the AVCHD File...

Right Click on that and click on "Show Packaged Contents"

Right Click again on the File "BDMV " and click on "Show Packaged Contents"

Now Double Click on "Stream"

That will show all of the individual clips on the card and you can move them accordingly.

Joey Hess


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Since you already have the Creative Cloud, you can also use Bridge or Prelude to bring just the clips you want into your computer. I prefer Bridge, but both do the job.