AVCHD Codec and AVID


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What codecs are drag and drop on the AVID? Need to know so I can trans-code master footage. Thanks.

Necktie Boy

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You can use the Avid Codec. Download them from the Avid site. Streamslip shows them when converting a file to QT. I use a PC.
Till now, MTS is still not an ideal editing format for most of the NLE system including FCP, Avid MC, iMovie as well. For that reason, like Avid Media Composer has pushed the plug-in like AMA for user to link MTS video clips directly into Avid program. But some users still do not have the luck. Personally I don’t want to waste time and energy to find a workable plug-in for importing my MTS footage into Avid. Since some guys told me the best editing format for Avid is the DNxHD codec, a simple and fast solution would be to transcode all of you raw AVCHD MTS to Avid supported DNxHD. It ensures smooth editing all the time. Here is the tutorial someone shared with me that help me out: http://forum.moses.tu-berlin.de/index.php?t=rview&th=13156&goto=59674