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We had one of our CBS Atlanta News units broken into, in Midtown Atlanta around noon, on Tuesday 11/29/2011. Here is a list of the stolen items and serial numbers. If anyone sees them pop up online, or in a dark parking lot, a heads-up would be much appreciated!

Feel free to contact me here or at


* Panasonic AJ-HPX2000P SN: E8TKB1044

* P2 HD Camera SN: J0A2268GS

* Panasonic Viewfinder AJ-HVF21G SN:8A4142MY

* Fuji HD Lens HA18x7.6BERM-M58B SN:428284

* Lectrosonics SRA SN:490/UH400A SN:7599/UM400A SN:4670

* P2 Cards:

* Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG ABE08F0246

* Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG ABE08F0247

* Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG ABE08F0248

* Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG ABE08F0249

* Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG ABE08F0250


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Just a side note: WXIA had a news unit stolen a month or so ago from their parking lot. The camera was in a lock box (Olin Fite I think), and the door had been pried on but they did not get into the cage. Camera was recovered. Everything else gone.

Career Sport and Entertainment here also had some stuff stolen recently, including a Panny camera (they are sending me a list tonight). Please be on the lookout for anyone selling camera gear they have no idea about ("I'm selling it for a friend").

And be careful out there...

Newsshooter, I'll keep an eye out and am forwarding this to some folks in the Southeast, so they'll be on the lookout. Midtown I would bet was some crackhead grabbing what he could. A friend of mine that owns a pawnshop told me if a pro camera came into the shop, or other pro gear, most pawnshops immediately assume it's stolen. Craigslist is most likely where it will end up...keep an eye out.


I too will keep an eye out here in the ATL. I know that most stations in Atlanta have marked news cars but this is one reason I have always been a fan of unmarked news vehicles.


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Much Appreciated

Much appreciated guys! I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw it out there. If nothing else, let it be a reminder to lock it down!

On a side note, I thought a looong time ago, I saw a site posted here to actually report stolen TV gear? Maybe not but, if so, anyone know that site?


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They'd be disappointed if they got our cameras...a 370 isn't exactly great. Probably opportunistic but never doubt those with drive and brains to pick your pocket.