Archivist brings teletype back to PD


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Wearing my other hat this week! We are still looking for and AP teletype for the newsroom display at the museum, but hee is where teletypes also got used... in Public Safety... Read on....

Archivist brings teletype back to PD
An interest in teletype machines and a friend at the Glendale Police Museum started Ed Sharpe on an interesting quest.

Read the story and see the photos here..... message me if you have any documets , equipment related to police teletype, LETS, NLETS etc...

IS ANY ONE NEAR SAL'S PIZZERIA? Would be great to get him on camera.
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Below is the article in the Glendale Star.

A Version also appeared in the Leakey Texas "HILL COUNTRY HERALD"

see the master file at SMECC communications museum on this
story and trace police teletype back to use of the Lindburg Baby Kidnapping!
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