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  • I wanted to thank you for your message on my blog – that ment a lot to me. Hearing from photogs especially WINK photogs means everything. I tell you I miss WINK – WINK was a special place and the next time I am over on the west coast I plan on stopping by. Thanks again for the message. Hoe is your girl friend?
    I can't say that I have a really good read on whether or not things have changed. I was here when John was orginally the ND, and was here as well for the Bruce Kirk debacle...honestly no, things are the same. The news still goes on.
    So you want to be my friend? So how is life at WINK? Its been just over three years since I left and whhen I look at the website there are not many faces I know - WINK has changed alot.

    WINK is a great place and now with John back in the drivers seat things will turn out great.
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