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    Anyone shooting ENG News with prime lenses?

    I've just started playing with the mirrorless Sony world. And I love the look of the lenses. Obviously it depends on what you're shooting - but I did find myself feeling much more comfortable moving back to my big shoulder ENG cam - with it's hugely expansive zoom lens... kev
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    what is all this chatter? what is this website about? how do I become a photog? Miss you guys... how is everyone doing?
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    Super Fast SEQUENCING...

    I wanna see if b-roller can rock the #pmedgarwrightchallenge
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    Scary what you can do with a phone.

    So I take a geeky tourist open top bus ride last night armed with only an iPhone XS and an Osmo Mobile gimbal. Edited on LumaFusion while sitting at a pub, and voila! kev
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    Where were you?

    I joined in 1996. :p I don't even remember when the forum was actually unveiled. I was in Norfolk, VA. A lot has changed since then. I've been with the same company in DC for nearly 17 years. Married with an awesome 2 1/2 year old boy named Otis. Life is much better now, but it was a blast back...
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    How have you changed while FORUM has been on hiatus?

    Wow @Shaky & Blue great catch up. This forum return is like the end of the movie where they post a photo of the characters and write the "where are they now" text on the screen. Sounds like you made the right choice. Enjoy the good life! kev
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    Heading to London

    Clare and me... sans Otis... Clare's there for work - I'm there to play...
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    Heading to London

    Sorry for the off-topic post... I'm headed to London (for fun) this week... Anything I should definitely see or check out while I'm there? Good restaurants? Good sightseeing? Day trips out of the city that I should consider? kev
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    How have you changed while FORUM has been on hiatus?

    Nice set up question, @Clutch City . I think I have to agree on the jump cut thing... people are getting used to youtube vloggers doing "standups" and cutting out the ah's and um's and leaving the jump cuts. It is starting to seem normal now. I taught shooting at Univ of MD and jump cuts...
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    A Whole VJ Category? Really?

    Hello Michael... Welcome back to! We're a little dusty in here - it's been years since I was even in here poking around. Hoping we can get discussions going again. Feel free to share clips and discussions... When you're making a post, there is a three dot drop down that allows you to...
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    Hello Kevin... this email is almost 4 years late - but yes we can change the screen name for...

    Hello Kevin... this email is almost 4 years late - but yes we can change the screen name for your account... what would you like it to be?
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    Glad to hear it, @Run&Gun. Can you post again? So I can see if you're now allowed to post without approval. Thanks.
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    I think cameragod and I are the only ones here who can post. 😀 I'm not sure how to get the crowd back.
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    this test seems to have worked
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    Drone Music Video

    Great clip. I actually dig the song. I was blown away by your syncing of the drone flying to the music. It's subtle - but I imagine it's not easy to reproduce flight patterns with time precision. My only critique is one of continuity... Spiderman vanishes in the final shot... :) Well done...