Through the Rain

I can tell something is wrong.  Nothing serious, but still just enough to put me off my game.  Could be not enough sleep or maybe too much stress weighing me down.

All I know is that I’m getting through the day, but it’s a little more of a struggle and slightly more difficult than my usual day at work.


Is there something going on? Sure, there’s always something on my plate, but usually nothing I can’t just chew on and get through.

Last night (and actually every night this week) I worked with Serene Branson.  Technical issues made our Monday night a bit more challenging and our Tuesday improved just slightly over Monday.

Last night (Wednesday) was a breeze and I liked our story.  We reported on car hacking.  The threat of bad guys taking control of our ever more technologically advanced vehicles is becoming very close to reality (if not already real).

Still, I’m feeling distracted.  I’m finding myself having to push a little to stay focused and I’m slightly concerned.  I’m two weeks out from a week of vacation.  Here’s hoping that some good rest, good food, good riding (vroom-vroom) and a few good photographs is all I’ll need to get my head on straight.

In the meantime, I’m keeping a short phrase in mind that will remind me to try to not push myself too hard.

“The answer is Dover.”