Cine Technica Looks at Panasonic’s AG-AF100

Andy Shipsides, over at Cine Technica recently got to play with the new Panasonic AG-AF100. This camera uses a 4/3″ image pickup for better low light and depth of field performance. At the same time, it accepts a wide variety of high-performance lenses.

From my perspective, this looks like the future hybrid of the image performance of the DSLR in the video camera form factor we’re used to. The concept has great potential.

Check out Andy’s video a look at the camera itself. Coming soon will be test footage from the camera itself.

6 thoughts on “Cine Technica Looks at Panasonic’s AG-AF100”

  1. It still is not a shoulder mounted camera. So camera guys keep looking for that “holy grail” of shoulder mounts.

  2. Hey Scott We’ll be calling to see about a demo? would like to use it in our promotions of rating stories…

  3. “I have little use for stuff with lotza clamps and handles…. I wish they had made one in a real ENG config…”.

    No dought they will but I would imagine the price tag would at least double. I think this is aimed at the budget filmmaker.


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