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Study, study, study! That’s just one tip from Nina Terrero, who covers pop culture and entertainment for Entertainment Weekly and NBC’s Today Show. But she’s not talking about what you should do in school. Terrero told the Huffington Post that she preps for interviews the way she did for the SATs.

I try to read as much as possible about my subject in preparation for an interview, and when applicable, watch their movies or TV shows. You want to be knowledgeable about your subject so you can roll with the punches and be as relaxed as possible during your interviews.

As a multimedia journalist, Terrero says she does have one fear–of being a jack of all trades and master of none.

I feel comfortable using a variety of social media platforms, digital tools and traditional means of communicating a story, and I get a huge amount of satisfaction from choosing whether I should share a story on video, tweet out a short report, do a broadcast segment or write a magazine story on said topic. But there’s always the sneaky suspicion: am I doing this the best way I can?… Being able to report in a variety of mediums is a privilege — but keeping up with your skill set in all areas can be a challenge.

Terrero got her start as an intern at Fox News where she learned how to translate broadcast content online. She also learned what she calls a valuable lesson, “that one of the keys to being successful in the business is being visible.” She had a quiet cubicle to work in but she decided to spend at least half her time in the newsroom, where she could meet people and they could get to know her.

Volunteering for assignments wasn’t enough…building relationships would ultimately be what got me to the next step. That’s true in any news job — and to some extent, every job. Raise your hand and volunteer away — but remember, your relationships with people are what ultimately adds value to your [career] in this industry. They’re the ones that can vouch for you, give you assignments, and mentor you – and that was something I couldn’t necessarily get sitting in that cube.

Great advice!


Miami Crew shoots launch shoot in Jacksonville

Miami Video Crew Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Everbank Field  video camera crew

The launch shoot for opening up the Florida market for Go To Team goes to Jacksonville.  We shot at Everbank Field, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was training camp and the fans were out in full support despite the blazing heat!  I was determined to get some cool shots and decided to bring a slider out on the side lines.  I was able to get a couple of shots in but had very little time to really get the stylish shot I was looking for.  There was so much movement on the field that I had no choice but to abandon the slider.  I shot on the Sony F3 using an Optiteck adaptor to be able to use some Canon glass.  I used the 70-200mm, 24-70mm and the 16-25mm lenses for this shoot.  During the training camp I was obtaining B-roll that would later accompany the interviews at I would shoot later on that evening. One of the shots I was trying to get was some cool slow motion moments.  I turned on the S & Q mode (slow and quick) on the Sony F3 to allow me to achieve the 60 frames a sec to give me that slow motion effect.  We interviewed Wide receiver Marqise Lee in which he goes into detail on the struggles it took to get to where he is today!  He will be featured in the NFL Networks program NFL History.Miami Video Crew Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Everbank Field  video camera crew

Miami Crew shoots NBA Moms vs NFL Moms in basketball with Shaq!

 video camera crew Go To Team’s Miami Crew was on hand to cover a charity event that Shaquille O’ Neal’s mother Lucille O’Neal holds annually in which the NBA moms play the NFL moms in a game of basketball.   video camera crew The two day shoot started off the day before the event at Shaq’s house where the NBA mom’s held practice in the “Shaq Center” (the full size basketball court facility in Shaq’s house).  I was given the opportunity to record the practice and get a couple of interviews.  I shot the interviews in Shaq’s trophy room.  The camera of choice was the HDX900 with a Nano flash backed up by DVC Pro tape stock.  The 2.5 hour practice was intense with the ladies going up and down the court doing drills.  Everything wasn’t all business though, with Shaq joining in on the fun dancing with the NBA mothers.  The next day’s event was a success with various members of the community coming out to support the woman.  There was even a slam dunk contest at half time in which Shaq was among one of the judges.   video camera crew  video camera crew

Miami Crew goes neck deep into “The Swamp”

SEC Miami Video Crew Miami Kurt Roper Florida Gators college football  video camera crew SEC Miami Video Crew Miami Kurt Roper Florida Gators college football  video camera crew SEC Miami Video Crew Miami Kurt Roper Florida Gators college football  video camera crew



The Florida Gators will be featured among many SEC schools in this Summer/Fall SEC preview episode of “College Football’s Open Season” airing September 27th on CBS.  The shoot featured new Offensive Coordinator, Kurt Roper, SEC Miami Video Crew Miami Kurt Roper Florida Gators college football  video camera crew and his relationship with the QB’s.  I was tasked to shoot A CAM interviews, the meeting with the coach and players and B-Roll of the practice.  Intersport’s Director of Creative Services, Matt Romito, ran B CAM shooting some cool slow-mo on the Sony FS700 for the B-Roll footage  and coverage of the meeting.  We had a couple of interviews with some players and Coach Will Muschamp.SEC Miami Video Crew Miami Kurt Roper Florida Gators college football  video camera crew

Nashville info

Anyone tell me about Nashville, cost of living expenses for one person, one bedroom apt ?
I'm not applying to a news job, but production job.
Also, what salary range is good, I've got over 10 years experience, they offer full benefits....

Never been busier

Wow. There is so much work flying around I can hardly keep my calendar straight.

The phone wont stop ringing (yes--a good problem). I'm booked with a job requiring travel every week for the next 6 weeks. Have some corporate shoots in there and am doing prep work on a phase 2 of 3 for a marketing client. Other bids are accepted and on hold waiting for an opening. I literally just declined a gig while typing this. Not enough days in the week.

I really hope business is good out there for everyone.

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