Windows XP Default Desktop Image Shooter Regrets Not Licensing

Even though Microsoft insists on licensing its products,

"It is unlikely Microsoft would have made the mistake of agreeing to a licensing deal with a random photographer when it could have simply gone on asking other people to agree to a one-off payday until it found a willing seller."

In case you thought that image was perfectly shot,

"Microsoft did, however, make a few minor changes to it, such as cropping the left side of the frame and altering the colour of the hillside to make it a much more vivid green"

Better TV Stand-Ups in a Box

Shooting compelling solo stand-ups is a challenge — especially if you are new to TV news. Joshua Davidsburg is a TV reporter himself, now teaching broadcast journalism at the University of Maryland.

He created a unique online video module with best practices for shooting stands-ups on your own. It takes less than 8 minutes to watch, but gives you great advice for how to deliver content directly to the camera.

Davidsburg is using — a video tagging tool that allows you to embed text, links and other multimedia into a video. He says he finds it much more flexible than YouTube Annotations.

Right now it appears that few news organizations are using the tool, but it could be a an interesting way to produce some explanatory journalism projects and it looks like a great teaching tool.


Micro P2 cards with adapter

So Panasonic now has (perhaps they've had it for a while now) these Micro P2 cards
, that can be used with an [url= &kw=USED&gclid=CPjYkO__3b0CFc1afgodtxkAbg]adapter card:
The micro P2 cards are an SDXC ("Secure Digital Extended Capacity") format, and cost $355.00 on B&H. The adapter cards cost $139.95, so that adds up to $494.95, a $134 savings from buying a larger 64GB P2 card for $629.00:
So I'm wondering, what are the pros and cons of buying the micro cards with the adapters vs the larger card? I'm guessing durability/resilience of the cards against the elements and wear and tear of daily use, but would there be anything else?

Also, there are 64 GB Sony SDXC cards on B&H that only cost $74.28:

-and another that's $37.95:

Obviously the Panasonic Micro P2 has faster read and write speeds, but the question is, would they still work if you were to stick one of those Sony cards into a one of the P2 card adapters and shoot with it in a Panasonic P2 camera? Would there be problems shooting on the field, or would the main problems be with mounting them in a nonlinear edit program later?

c300 ef or pl mount?

Looking at a used C300, but I dunno if I want an EF or a PL mount. Looks like a lot more lens options and more affordable in EF mount. Mostly shooting efp and eng stuff and some documentary / corporate. Any suggestions as to which way to go? Wanted to possibly use my HDX900's lens with it as well, I heard you can use an adaptor?

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