I recently purchased my HDX900 because the 3700 just wasn't cutting the mustard. Just curious, how much longer does everyone think that it will still be a workhorse? I am guessing about a couple of more years. I have a Samurai recorder and a Nano Flash too.

Windows XP Default Desktop Image Shooter Regrets Not Licensing


Even though Microsoft insists on licensing its products,

"It is unlikely Microsoft would have made the mistake of agreeing to a licensing deal with a random photographer when it could have simply gone on asking other people to agree to a one-off payday until it found a willing seller."

In case you thought that image was perfectly shot,

"Microsoft did, however, make a few minor changes to it, such as cropping the left side of the frame and altering the colour of the hillside to make it a much more vivid green"

Better TV Stand-Ups in a Box

Shooting compelling solo stand-ups is a challenge — especially if you are new to TV news. Joshua Davidsburg is a TV reporter himself, now teaching broadcast journalism at the University of Maryland.

He created a unique online video module with best practices for shooting stands-ups on your own. It takes less than 8 minutes to watch, but gives you great advice for how to deliver content directly to the camera.

Davidsburg is using wiremax.com — a video tagging tool that allows you to embed text, links and other multimedia into a video. He says he finds it much more flexible than YouTube Annotations.

Right now it appears that few news organizations are using the tool, but it could be a an interesting way to produce some explanatory journalism projects and it looks like a great teaching tool.


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