Insurance: Who Provides It?

I was reading another thread about having insurance and who provides insurance for a production. These were sound mixers working on projects. They all have insurance to cover their equipment, but the question came up about who should cover damages to the equipment if something happen. Most of the that board agreed that the Producer or Production Company's insurance should pay out, not your insurance.

Let me step back, most of these sound mixer have a contact in place. May it be one day or 30 days, they have the producer or production company provide a COI(Certificate Of Insurance) to cover their equipment. If the producer or company cannot provide a COI, they will not work for the company. In other words, if something breaks, it comes out of their pocket.

Some producers and production company try to pass in the contract that it's the responsibility of the sound mixer to pay for damage equipment. Most catch the clause and cross it out.

We do carry insurance to protect us, but what about when working with a producer or production company? Is it written in your contract that if equipment is damaged, the producer or company will pay for repair or replacement? Does the producer or company freeload on our policy? What about liability? It's our policy, and will go up if when there is a claim? Is the producer or company get a free ride?

Some producers and production companies should have insurance, and should it cover you and your equipment? If not why? Shouldn't they provide coverage for us?

Some suggested to add the cost of insurance to the invoice. "Uninsured Fee of 12% of the rental total." This is from a rental house. Also the deductible is paid by the producer or company, not you, if something goes wrong.

The sound mixers are freelancers like us, working for different clients on different projects. Have you ever ask if the Producer or Production Company will cover your equipment? Asked for a COI? Liability?


NPPA Awards Event

Some of you know I've been involved in the NPPA for a while.

For years I've wanted to make the winners of our Best of Photojournalist contest feel more honored and in a couple weeks we kick off what we hope is the first annual Best Of Photojournalism Awards Show & Education Festival in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The entire weekend is free. Check the link for the lineup. Yes, there are TV people involved!

Find me there and I might buy you a beverage.

Have you ever been hired by a crew that has the same client that you have?

Okay, so I work for a few crew booking agencies.

One of these agencies, hires me for some Dallas shoots.

I get hired by a production company out of Houston for a shoot in Dallas, I look on the e-mail chain, and find out that they are booked by the same crew booking agency that I work for.

So, I am not making any money on light kit or camera rental, but I am getting a couple of tripod rentals and monitor rental on top of my camera operator labor rate.

Should I be concerned in any way, or just happy that I am working?

Soft video problems.

Hey everyone my station KTXS located in Abilene Texas is using the Panasonic AG-HPX370P camera. We are experiencing the cameras randomly shooting soft video. Was wondering if anyone else who uses these cameras have been experiencing this issue. Thanks.


I left my last station a year ago to deal with some family issues back in my hometown, So I have not been shooting for a year. I been a photojournalist for almost 15 years. I been trying to get back to the where I use to live but my old station is not hiring. I need to get back there so I can be closer to my daughter. I interviewed at WHTM in Harrisburg PA and WFMZ in Allentown PA. My daughter lives between Harrisburg and Allentown. My question is this have they hired anyone for the Photojournalist positions at any of them two stations. I need all the help I can get so I can see my daughter who is four years old grow up. Right now I am living 5 hours away from her. So if anyone out there has any inside info that can help me out please let me know. Thank you

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