What was your first Car.


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What's the story behind your first car?

This story got me thinking about my first car. When I was a JR in HS I bought a '81 Corolla for $1,500. The engine locked up on me in '94 when I was on my way back from shooting a HS Football game in Findlay, Ohio. I guess I should have changed the oil.

Tom Servo

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An 82 Toyota. I might still have it today if a guy hadn't run a stop sign and totaled it for me. That car just kept running no matter how many miles I put on it. Never had to do anything mechanical to it except oil changes.


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I'm currently driving a 94 Impreza, has 288k, broken ac, all heat all the time, and I get 40mpg during the summer and 35mpg during the winter... I'm keeping it until... I'm keeping it.

Ben Longden

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A 1979 Holden Commodore (GMH). It had the 202 cubic inch straight six with the super dodgy rear main oil seal. Wore out three of those engines (all rear main oil seals) and then re engineered the car to take a 5.0 Litre V8 with Holley carbs...


In the spirit of "sharing"...I got my first car senior year in high school.
A used, green '69 mustang.
It was my "lucky" car! ;)
96 saturn SL1 Leased it than bought it when I realized that I had put way too many miles on it in my last couple of years of high school and first of college. I think it had 150k miles on when I hit a patch of black ice I-95 in Southern springfield spun out at highway speed and hit a stone wall backwards.

No joke the first thing the desk said when I called to tell them I might not be in was so you won't be able to go live.


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My first car was a Mini which I shared with my brother.
The first car that was mine alone was a Hillman Imp... not my lucky car :)


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White, '64 Rambler. Inherited it from the parents. Drove it to high school my entire senior year.


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1969 MGB. Right hand drive. 200.00 dollars declared dead. 15 year old zeal ressuected her. Not the picture of reliability ever, but was so much fun to drive. After a year or so it was easier to drive the hand me down 79 LeSabre than keep the MG going.


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First hand me down was a 1979 Chrysler Town and Country WAGON. Wait for it. With wood paneling. A Woody!

That thing sucked, period. It sucked gas, my will to chase girls, ect. I lived close to school and opted to walk in the winter rather than fight that beast every morning. Got about 10 miles per gal when working right and a solid 6 MPGs in the winter.

Some dealer took it in on trade when my brother and I moved into a Pontiac. I bet it went straight for the junk yard and never saw the lot.

Terry E. Toller

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a 1929 Durant with a six cylinder motor. I loved that car! Paid $35 for it and earned the money mopping floors at the local drug store. I had it when I was 14 years and drove it for a couple of years until I got my license at 16. Then my mother gave me her 1954 mercury. loved that one too...