Kino Flo Diva lights


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I'm currently using a tungsten kit and couple of LED 1x1 panels, plus a small 200w HMI, but I am thinking about adding some sort of tube light to my kit.

Half the time, the client just wants me to bring a light kit and doesn't care what it is. However, there are those times when clients request a Kino Flo DIVA light and those 2-camera shoots where the other cameraman is bringing Diva's and I need to rent to match their lighting.

I heard from a couple of people however that the flourescents will get replaced by LED's and there won't be a need for flos in the future.

I am thinking about getting a DIVA light on eBay, but I also came across this, which I think might be a better option. Question, would a client care if it's NOT an actual DIVA light? I could put a Kino Flo sticker on there:D. Also, would this work if the other light was an actual Kino Flo? It boasts a 95+ CRI I like the fact that it can run off a battery too.


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CameraDude and I have done many multi-cam shoots together and I have Kino's and he has, I believe, Cool Light fluorescents and no one has ever said anything about him "not having Kino's". Of course we're the only one's that would notice the brands of equipment being different. The light matched, which is what was important.

Some people(client's and producers) get hung up on piece of gear X HAS to be brand Y, model number XYZ. I always used to laugh when I saw the required gear list for The Oprah Show. And I still see it sometimes for lighting set-ups, too. They usually have there basis in someone shot something they liked so the client or producer asked what they used and then in their mind the next crew HAS to have that list of gear to replicate it.

And after having said all of that, I've mostly moved away from flo's unless it's 60P video. Almost all of my 24P interviews are tungsten, now, again...

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You can see all the latest in LED, kino, and tungsten lighting at the NAB show in Las Vegas, April 13-17. See for yourself, much better than asking people on the internet.


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So do y'all think tungsten is gonna stick around for a while? Or do you think LED's and other technology will replace everything tungsten?
Tungsten lights are to us a bit like what a hammer is to a contractor. ... interchangeable and ubiquitous. Just because most guys use auto nailers these days it does not excuse them from being able to swing steel from time to time.


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Used to be all tungsten for interviews .. but now never.. except a small dedo.. problem I have with them is the space they take up and most importantly the heat off them.. killer for interviews..
The Kino Diva 400 has been the work horse interview light for years.. and yes is often requested .. but it would depend of the tubes your using too to.. match.. I have half tungsten half day light.. .. LED is th way of the future though.. can run on batts is convenient