Favorite Photog Mottos

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We are starting nominations for everyones favorite mottos at the end of photog's messages.

Kevin from B-roll.net said once the nominations are in he will start a poll to choose a winner...

nominations start now!!!

My two are:
  • A bad day in television is still better than a good day in cubicle "2000lux"
  • People think that all cameramen do is point the camera at things, but it's a *heck* of a lot more to it than that." - Chris Elliot(Larry) in Groundhog Day "TXPhotog"

<shooter 2>

"I've carried more drama queens than most parade floats." - Lenslinger


"If you're gonna work at the pound you better be ready to gas some puppies"


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"Did you want me to roll on that?"

"His mind isn't really a steel trap, it's more like a box with a stick under it."

"A bad day in television is still better than a good day in cubicle."

Chicago Dog

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I can't remember whose signature it was, but my personal favorite is:

"It's my job to make you look good. Intelligence, however, is up to you."

Something along those lines.

Terry E. Toller

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One that Ihate with a passion: "You can fix it in post." Usually a total lie just to cover a bonehead mistake in the field. I fired a guy for saying it while shooting a commercial for a car dealership.


posted on the computer at the station i used to work at "without us, its just radio"


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Originally posted by <shooter 2>:
"I've carried more drama queens than most parade floats." - Lenslinger
Er...thanks, but the correct quote is:

"I've carried more BEAUTY queens than most parade floats."

That said, how about a very simple "I, Photog"

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I think after this we need a "Favorite Lines from Lenslinger" thread - but I digress.

One that I've yet to see used, but a great line nonetheless:
"Yet another sudden jaunt into The Great Unknown - all for a few fleeting moments of pixilated gossip." ~Lenslinger

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"For those in front of the camera, the word "talent" is used loosely."

One of my favorites that I saw on someone else's profile...

"Television is a medium; because it is neither rare, nor well-done."


"If it ain't broke, it ain't ours"
"If it's being done corectly, it isn't being done here"
"See news happen? Call us, We'd like to see it to"


Heard this one about 15 years ago from the legendary Tom Watson at 'CAU in Philly:

"Hey, do it thier way...you'll make more money."

Tom, I listened and my ex-wife's bank account thanks you.
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