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So it is that time again to either fork over another wad of cash to the good people at Quickbooks or find another solution. I am hoping somebody knows of an alternative billing solution for somebody that needs to send and track invoices and expenses and the occasional profit/loss snapshot but not a whole lot more.

My 3 main beefs with the last version I bought probably 3 years ago are.

1) there was very little ability to make adjustments to the invoice layout outside of a few very narrow presets, which made it hard if I needed to accommodate a large project code.

2) The fact that it could not be integrated with other devices such as tablets or phones.

3) lastly the fact that I feel it is overly complicated for what most of us do, great if you are doing book keeping at a major business but not really designed for freelancers...


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Quickbooks is like Microsoft Word. As much as I hate them both, I have to put up with them because none of their competitors have have all the features I need.

Don't sell yourself short and just settle for an invoice generator. As a small business owner you need much more power than that.

My advice is to stick with QB and find a way to make it work for you. If you take the time to beat it into submission, or stop resisting and go along with however it forces you to work, you'll be better off in the long run. I can go back 20 years now and see where every dollar came from and where it went. I can track equipment purchases, client activity, generate statements, etc. The customizable reports you can create reveal a lot about your business that you might not notice otherwise. And QB has reduced my tax preparation time from a couple of days to less than 3 hours.

Yeah, there's a lot of crap it can do that we don't need, but just ignore all that and just focus on the stuff that is actually useful. And if you move to something else now, you'll lose all your past financial history that is already entered into QB. To me, losing that history would be as devastating as losing my 20+ years of email records.


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I've used Quickbooks for 15 years now and I'm fed up with them. Looking at Xero and Wave. My accountant likes Xero but Wave is free.


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FreshBooks is a new to me.

I like there first bit of marketing lingo. "FreshBooks is the only cloud accounting solution designed exclusively for small business owners who bill for their time and expertise. You won’t find a bloated, “one size fits all” feature set, filled with things you don’t use, like in other accounting solutions. Just approachable accounting with all the checks and balances you need to sleep peacefully at night.."

Sounds great. Not sure I want that info in the cloud.
Call me old fashioned I guess.