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Eric Quao
435 North Warwick Rd
Magnolia, NJ 08049
Cellular: (609) 605-2747
Home: (856) 346-1861


A highly creative, goal-oriented multimedia professional with solid camera and editing experience. A strong work ethic combined with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence in all projects undertaken. Computer proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and inputting and extracting data entry files from SAP.


Cameras: Extensive experience with Panasonic DVC PRO 400 (ENG), Hitachi 3000W (ENG), JVC KY27B (ENG S-VHS), BTS LDK 9 Studio Camera (Beta SP), Panasonic Multi-Hybrid, Canon ZR60, Sony TRV950. Panasonic DVC 80, some experience with Canon GL1 and GL2.
Non-Linear: Adobe Premier 6.5, Final Cut Express HD, Final Cut Express,
Linear Editing: Working knowledge
Camera Control Unit: Hitachi RC-Z3


Phanavision, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia, PA, May 2005 – Present
Camera Operator
Assisting with the assembly of in-house video broadcast for three-hour production shoot during home games. Responsible for capturing game footage from high first base position for in-house commercials, marketing, and advertisements.

PM-TV, Producers Management Television, King of Prussia, PA, January 2005
Production Assistant, Utility, Relief Camera Operator
Assisting with the assembly of video and audio remote broadcast facilities for eight-hour production shoot for “2005 New Years Day Mummers Parade.” Responsibilities included pulling cables, and working with hand held camera operators. General Assistant to the Producer, Director, Operations Coordinator and Technical Manager on location. Operated studio camera in announcer’s booth during live Parade coverage with on air talent.

WYBE Channel 35 Public Television, Philadelphia, PA, October 2004 – Present
Master Control Operator
Follow program log for on-air switching of programs and break material between programs. Monitor on-air transmission of audio and video for quality control by using waveform and associated equipment. Responsible for recording satellite feeds from various stations across the world.


More Than Music Hip Hop TV, Philadelphia, PA, March 2005
Production Assistant, Handheld Camera Operator
Assisted with setting up operation for 4-hour production shoot. Responsible for primary sound bytes and b-roll footage for one hour cable television show

In His Image Modeling Consultants, Lindenwold, NJ, February 2005
Camera Operator and Editor
Responsible for primary sound bytes and video footage for 5-hour commercial shoot. Supervising editor of 60 second commercial.

WYBE Channel 35 Public Television, Philadelphia, PA, January 2005
Responsible for primary footage for 2-hour community documentary “Korean Neighbors” exploring the different lifestyles within the Korean community.

Formal Media Inc, Philadelphia, PA, October 2004
2nd Unit cinematographer for Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure.” Collaborated with producers to determine shot variations for theatrical play. Shot for Eastern University’s Creative Fine Arts Department. Responsible for preparation of audio and video footage for five-day production shoot.

WYBE Channel 35 Public Television, Philadelphia, PA, September 2004
Responsible for primary footage for 2-hour community documentary “Polish Neighbors” exploring the different lifestyles within the Polish community.

Red Rose Productions, Philadelphia, PA, January & February 2004
Grip & Boom Mic Operator
Lead grip and boom mic operator for Digital Video Short Film “Therapy”. Organized preparation of sound bytes.

RADIO: WZZD AM 990 AM, 560 AM, WNAP 1110 AM
Work on television and radio shows that are broadcast simultaneously. Involved in setting up and breaking down one hour live radio broadcasts and television, including camerawork, editing, light design, and commercial production for 19,000 member church.

Editor, March – June 2005
Involved in editing daily television program for prominent national television networks using Adobe Premiere 6.5.

Lighting Engineer, September 2003 – March 2005
Design lighting cues for video, creative fine arts, and special performances for weekly 2 hour production shoot.

Mixer / Switcher, January 2001 – February 2005
Involved in creative oversight with over 600 hours of live weekly production. Developed floor plan for live roaming sequence for 2 to 4 camera production set-up.

Camera Operator, October 1996 – February 2005
Filmed over 900 hours of live footage with little or no supervision. Responsible for gathering sound bite footage for in-house commercials, marketing and other advertisements.

Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Young Professionals Network

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, B.A., Communications, January 2000

Relevant Coursework: Organizational Communications; Influence of Mass Media; Mediated Communication Television; Seminar in Communications Information Technology for Business

Sports Background: Richard Stockton College Men’s Basketball Team, 1998 – 2000; Salem Community College Men’s Basketball Team 1995 - 1997

References and demo tape are available upon request.

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