Zip for Mac?

Baltimore Shooter

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A client said they were want to send me files that are ZIPed. Do Macs have the capability to unZip files or will I need a third party program?



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Just like the ability to view .pdfs without downloading acrobat yes unzipping files is built in native to OSX.

Just another reason OSX is great!

You don't need Microsoft Office either just get for free!


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Ah Warren, I've been wanting to say this to you for a while but never had the opportunity.


If you're looking for an actual program to help you with the zipping and unzipping of just about every compression on the planet:

Its a great program, I've unzipped everything thats ever been thrown my way. Up to an including some weird-ass formats that I've never even heard of. (.uue, .yenc)

First reply has it right. It's built in natively.

Now, if they're going to give you files on a ZIP disk (which were popular in the early 90's before the flash/jump drives of today), that's a whole 'nuther story, cuz you'll need a ZIP drive to read it.