What is the name of this app ?

Wheatstone Bridge

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Pardon my ignorance folks and my sincere apologies but my mind is playing tricks on me and I can't remember what I am looking for so I kindly need your help.

A few years ago I saw an Apple app beginning with the letter P , and this app allowed you to to a live hit from the iphone . I just can't remember the name of this app . . . . does anyone have any idea what I am talking about or is there an app that anyone can recommend that would allow a live hit from the mobile phone ?



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It's not what you're exactly looking for, but TVU has an iPhone app. One of the networks that I shoot for, unfortunately, uses it all of the time.


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Are you thinking Periscope? In theory, anything you can use to live stream (Skype, Facetime, video call, etc) you can do a live shot with. However, you need to do tests to check quality and latency. Generally as you increase one, you'll increase the other.

Also keep in mind how you'll handle IFB (a second phone?).