What happened at the Donovan

here's a piece i did around a month ago or so. i was challenged with this story because it was a timeline of events so i had limited video from previously stories that i didn't shoot myself with hardly any sound to break up the tracks. i probably only shot 20% of the story (the opening).

my victory in this piece to me is that i also made the the little graphics and animation myself which i'm trying to learn more of if i decide to go the freelance route later in life. only had a day to edit and it would of took forever to order graphics and animation from our hub in florida.

take a crack at it and let me know what you think


thanks a bunch!!

Latin Lens

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Really good job on this. Really good. I, however, can't shrug off the weirdness of the animation in the hotel room. I totally get what you were going for but maybe its cuz of the male body used with his arms out...it just kinda came off (to me) as kinda hokey. I think you might have been better served trying to work with graphics with a chalk outline on the floor and then doing what you did on the back half of the animation. It is a struggle when you do something like this but its also a lot of fun to overcome the challenge and make it work. Aside from that animation hiccup...you did great putting it together. Nice work.