Waterproof my on cam mike?

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I managed to get a custom fit pb rainshield for my rig. Last sprinkle, I just draped it over the thing. Tonight, tornados are coming, and I want to get out and shoot.

If I stick the mike out of the hole for it, is there something I can do to reduce water ingress into the mike. It's the stock sony condenser.




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Wrap that rascal. Use a non lubricated condom over the mic, then place the windscreen over the condom. Its OK for the windscreen to get wet. Use this during hurricane trips. Never had any problems, other than the bean counters laughing at the itemized receipt.


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second the condoms

I have used condoms over mics in hurricanes for years. If you only want the tip covered..no pun intended try a finger cot. smaller and easier to explain on the expense reports.