Walk for Tibet PKG...


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Here's one I did this morning:


Had about an hour in the field shooting, 45 minutes in the edit bay to cut. Actually shot my way into a hole and ran outta b-roll. Rookie mistake. I was doing my best not to cross the axis.

Any and all input is accepted and encouraged. Don't be afraid to call out the good, the bad, and the ugly.:eek:


Latin Lens

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Not too bad...great work for such pressure constraints. I did notice some axis break but if you're rushing to get it on and done...than I understand. However I think the opening didn't do anything for the piece...all your great shots and storytell are when the walk is occuring...I understand trying to set it up but in this case you might have been able to just get into it...nice work.


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Thanks for the feedback LL!

About the opening, I've been trying to master the skill of creating a reveal and experimenting with that form of storytelling more often. I guess it's not the most practical route to take when you're forced to work with a minute-thirty (in fact our packages usually time out to 1:20 or less).