Tom Magliozzi, Broadcast Giant Remembred


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Today (Saturday 11/8/14) I laughed so hard my sides hurt. Tom Magliozzi was remembered by his brother Ray. I timed a quick errand to tune into Car Talk. Like always. The loss for those Tom leaves behind was in Ray's voice today. It hurt! The throat dried, but before I could really choke up, there came the laughter. Like always. I arrived home and sat in the car to ride out peals of laughter. Like always. The "Tap-it" brothers have been making me laugh almost as long as I've been allowed to drive. Hearing the quips and queries always took me to familiar roads and wisdoms. The Magliozzi brothers are now part of the American Cultural collage. They've gently guided us through the frustrations of mechanized life. Always with the laugh. That Ray wants to continue Car Talk as tribute to Tom is comforting. I know I can keep my weekend routine, and laugh with Click and Clack. Like Always.