today's pkg...


I wish i had gotten more video for this pack, I reused a couple of shots, one of which was up for a bit longer than i would have liked, but that goes back to not getting enough video in the first place.

The stand up, I thought was pretty good, but now that ive watched it a dozen or so times...i'm not too sure about it.

How could i have made the stand up stronger?


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Nice job

Always try to have your interviews with opposite screen directions.

I'm not a big fan of the handheld MTV style stand up. When you do a standard style stand up with sticks try to get yourself as far back from the reporter as possible and zoom in. Then roll in your ND and get your iris around a 2.8. Doing this will help your background fall off and make the reporter jump off the screen.

Give it a try... I think you'll like it.

Keep up the good work.


thanks FOCUZ!

I do try to flip/flop interview position...i've been kinda lazy about that lately.

I like your suggestion about getting further back. I love how it blurs the background.



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I hate standups. If your going to do it, do it for a reason. Not just to fill a black hole. The best standups I see are ones where you are showing me something.

But as always, it differs from station to station. Some NDs like the "national" style news and some love movement. Everything you do is a tool and you use those tools for the right application.

Latin Lens

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Justin....I actually liked the standup. Active and creative. Had you been able to dissolve in and out of the black it would have been better. But I liked the idea (hope it was yours).

The technician intv. was cool....relaxed, kinda off the cuff. But it depends on your style....pulling him away from the meter....using some shutter to blur the background...and adding depth would have been nice too...but you choose when and where to do those kinds of intvs.

Overall...not too bad. Your working in the right direction....some shots might have been a little too long for my taste but you did your best.


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Not bad... I liked the story. I thought you did a fine job with it. The standup? Too short. Why do I say that? Because even though I saw the reporter intro, I didn't recognize her in the standup. We saw her for maybe 2 seconds.
There were a couple of shots that didn't make sense... The shot of the guy putting his hand on the meter. What was that about? Every shot has got to make sense. When you are looking through your b-roll... Look for the shots that add to the story.
I liked the interview off the shoulder. I personally thought it worked well.
The thing that was missing in the story was how do I find out if someone IS stealing volts from me and what can I do about it? Do I get a discount, file a law suit, charges...etc? I know you didn't write the story, but you as a photoJOURNALIST must ask these questions.
I'm glad you come on here regularly and post your stories... Keep doing the type of work you are doing and you'll go far.


That was my idea (this is my "problem" reporter) After she and I did the "rape escape" package where i talked her into flipping a guy over her shoulder, she has been ALOT more receptive to my suggestions.

The hand on the meter...i didnt have anything visual to reference the tampering of meters. Apparently ppl open them up and dial them back to show that they have used less energy than they actually have.

I'm glad the off the shoulder interview worked....As we were walking over to the meter,the guy was talking...and what he was saying was really i just put the cam up on my shoulder and started recording...I thought it would flow more naturally this way, as opposed to having him repeat himself.

Thanks! Over that last two days i've shot a few interviews were i drop the shutter down and it looks really good, the background blurs and the subject really "pops"

thanks alot you guys!!