Storm aftermath


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You did a good job with this. My only 2 comments are that I would've liked to see a wider shot when the reporter talks about the damages down the street instead of the 3 or 4 car medium shot.

Also would've love a nat of the storm off the top (if you had one) then the windshield nats leading into the day of video. Other that that it was a pretty solid piece. Nice work.

Latin Lens

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Not a bad job with this I agree. However this looks like its a pretty small market so there's much to be improved upon as far as storytelling goes from both photog and reporter in the coming years but this is not that bad. You gathered proper elements...good video, nats, kudos there getting that. I need to see more locator wides...wides of the neighborhood, of downtown...maybe getting a little more movement in your standup for a better transition to another element in your story. Always try and find an interesting angle with these types of stories...find the opposite of the norm and play off that...the more opposite the better. Sleepy, quiet town usually is full of noise(s) today from cleanup to repair is an obvious opposite. Recognizing a good story element is the sign of a good photog. Keep working. This is a good basis to start from.