Stop Bullying! Pizza Factory story

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Okay...there are some rather obvious no's-no's associated with this piece but I am going to assume that this was supposed to be for a regular newscast??? The feel of this piece came off rather hokie...which isn't a good thing in my opinion but again I am assuming this was a news piece and not some story to air in a special newscast on bullying maybe your station was doing. You didn't need the sound effects...nor did you need the music for it. Again...came off as hokie. Its not quite staging but you didn't need the guy obviously standing there for you with the t-shirt on and then turning need to capture the essence of the t-shirt by getting b-roll of the workers wearing it while doing their job. The closing group shot...again, avoid that...unless its for a station promo or something like that...just don't that....way too cheesy. I needed a little more news info to really come away with some substance on it a big problem in that city? Was a worker at that pizza joint ever bullied? Find some personal connection to really tie it all together. Pizza places have enough nats and video that you could've done some decent stuff with. You have only been shooting for little over a year so I'm not gonna crucify you over anything in this. There's a learning curve involved in learning to become a good news photographer. Study and take constructive criticism will help you ten fold as you start your journey in this.


Thanks Ozkar. This was done about ten months ago for a regular newscast. Actually, everything besides the music was natural sound. No sound effects. I definitely see what you're saying about the guy standing there. I don't know what inspired that in me, but it really serves no purpose, or the group photo thing.

As for the actual substance of the story, I cannot speak for that. I didn't write it and I was working with a hot-shot reporter who doesn't listen to photographers. It could have been better and the long kids soundbite using the reporters question is really annoying, but again, I couldn't do anything about it.