Sony Vegas Pro


What do the pros think of Sony Vegas Pro? I'm looking for editing software that is easy to use for a non-pro like me--but will give me professional looking results. Don't need a lot of smoke and mirrors, but I do need something that is forgiving...and has some good tricks up its sleeve..any thoughts? I was looking at Adobe Elements but I don't want a subscription I'd like to own the software.

Ben Longden

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Ive used vegas for years... version 3 to 12.. But I find V10 to be my favourite.
V12 and 13 are bloody good but you need a 64bit machine to run them, a decent processor and a bit of RAM..

Its format agnostic, so you can plonk almost any vision format (iPhone is a bit tricky..) on it and it will cope.
Likewise you can render to almost any format you need..

The 64 Bit versions take well to plugins like BCC.