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nice basic story.. Wasn't very emotional.. Those kinda things you have to figure a way to get the emotion. The music you have in the beginning in the nats.. use that to your advantage with some opening sequence or something, maybe with a soundbite. The taps is always emotional so glad you go that in there...

My idea would be, next time you go out think about the sound even though it's just the ambient noise think of how to get it nice a clean and then work it into the story...

Good basic story...


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First... Good job. You were solid and appeared to be in the correct areas to capture your shots. I liked your two closing shots, Taps and the flag (straighten out the ground level shot, though). However, I agree with tvw... This was a funeral, and your story didn't capture the emotion that funerals provide. One thing I didn't see enough of was faces. Someone looking at the ground, tears, hugs, that kind of thing. Also, zoom in a little tighter in your interviews. At a funeral, or any other strong emotional story, you want to see the emotion clearly in the eyes when someone is talking about a lost loved one. Think about it... When you are talking to someone at a funeral, you are looking directly in their eyes. Everything else around you is non-existent. Lastly, let the ambient noise breathe in a story like this. That helps set the tone and keep it there.
I think you did a nice job and you are well on your way. Just remember, in almost every story you shoot, capture the emotion of the moment. Whether it's laughter, sadness, anger, whatever... Just do your best to capture the emotion and you'll be fine.


Thanks for the advice folks, I really appreciate it. Of course if anyone has any further guidance to offer, I'd be happy to hear it.