SNG Audio Limits

I've worked in many SNG trucks capable of 6-8 cameras with decent but limited audio capabilities.

I'd like to know how often an event exceeds your truck's audio capacity or capabilities, and how you've handled it?

How much demand would there be for a medium sized truck primarily built for audio as an adjunct to your video & Tx?


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A simpler way may be to rent a capable sound board and pre-mix it before it hits the truck.


Is the problem that the camera is sending embedded audio to the truck in HD-SDI form? or are most trucks sending analog audio down seperate wires and mixing it prior to embedding it at the encoder?
Many small production /SNG trucks with 4-8 cameras have one open room and one set of monitor speakers. While this is fine for simple events, those with many mics and audio sources would benefit from the audio mixer being in a separate environment, with a better /larger mixer, with their own speakers, and without the distractions of everyone else in the truck.

Events such as debates, panel discussions, conferences, sports and music events, etc., where the audio requirements might exceed the average SNG's capabilities, but the event or budget doesn't call for a full fledged production truck + transmission.

I'm researching how often this happens and what options have been used?


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in that situation, I have done what tom recommended.....bring a mixer, and mix it before the truck. usually end up mixing it where the event is being held, then you have the option of running the audio down the sdi line embedded with the camera, or running it analog into the encoder.