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We have gathered hours of B-roll footage at a shoot that an outside source would like to buy. Is there a range of 'per minute' charges that is considered industry standard, or does supply and demand rule the roost...? Thanks for all of your great input


It's usually a per second rate. The price is whatever you want to be. I have heard that CNN sometimes charges $400+ per second and I have heard others charge as little as $10 per second. Whatever you thinks it's worth. Don't forget to get the cost of the tape.


In many cases, price depends on usage. Is your station selling "single usage", "non-broadcast usage", or is the buyer wanting "all rights in perpetuity"?
These questions can affect your fees greatly. You don't want a competitor getting their hands on your stuff and running it against you.
Might be advantageous to consult any local lawyers specializing in copyright law.
At my current shop we've sold historically significant video for as much as $1,000.00 a minute for "single broadcast-one time usage" to a national cable network. They bought 10 minutes.
Always set price for what's bought. NOT what they actually air. That way they can't buy an hour's worth, but only pay for 30 seconds.
Remember; your station owns the copyright to every frame of tape you shoot, so don't be surprised if management gets thousands and you don't get a dime. You got paid for shooting it, and the way mangagement may see it; once is enough.
Squeeze every dime you can, and then some. Good luck!


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It's one of those things where when you mention a price, always ask for more then you think they will pay so that way when they haggle the price down a little bit it comes down to what you originally wanted.
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