Screwed - Miller Tripod

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We're a web shop that produces a lot of online video...and we've been slowly moving our gear up the food chain.

A colleague who runs a film / video company graciously lent us one of their Miller tripods for a bunch of shoots and we were hooked.

So after months of drooling, doing online research (including regular checks at, tryouts, and socking away a few bucks from every project, we ordered a Miller DV Solo (the aluminum version) from B&H Photo in New York.

It finally arrived. We went out on the first shoot - and one of the control knobs fell off. WTF? The tiny set screw that holds it onto the shaft was missing.

So a call to B&H. Their solution: Ship the tripod back to NY (from Canada) and they'd replace the screw and send it back to us. That meant customs clearances, shipping both ways, and no tripod for however long it was going to take.

So a call to Miller Canada.

Because we didn't buy it from them - but from 'them' - they would only help if we provided a credit card number. How much would that be? Whatever they felt like charging.

So a call to Miller USA in California.

A missing screw?


Which one?

One of the tension control knobs.

We emailed them a photo. A couple of days later, a replacement screw arrived. Gratis.

We know who to call when we order tripod # 2.


Go Daddy

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If you need it, and you need it NOW, B&H will have just about anything on your doorstep in 2 days. If there is a problem with it, you're going to have to run through hoops. I'd be more pissed at Miller Canada than B&H.


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You bought from a box house and are surprised by the lack of service after the sale? Why do you think they're cheaper than everyone else? They deliver a product nothing more. Sure, it costs more to buy from a local dealer but when things go south they'll help you out.

I can think of several occasions where a deck or other piece of equipment went down and my local gear provider handed my a loaner - sometimes at no charge. And then they leaned on the manufacturer to get my gear repaired and me back to work.

Like everything else in life you get what you pay for.

2 Hungry Dogs

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A missing screw?
Most missing screws and such have a non-broadcast equivalent at the local hardware store. It's not the most professional, or looks like the manufacturer's, but will get you out of an emergency.

Don't go to Home Depot or Lowes, their supply is usually too minimal. You need to find a smaller hardware that has pick-a-screw drawers. Ace is usually good if you have one near you, or a local hardware stroe if the still exist.

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I'm not pissed at anyone and it wasn't a 'woe is me' post. Just thought it was an experience worth adding to the BR forums.

B&H - Great price. As in nearly half of what we were quoted 'locally' (250 miles away - and didn't return my calls). Fairly fast delivery. It would have been nice if somebody had checked, but my guess is human hands / eyes never got that close. And shipping a 7 lb tripod back to NYC for a screw weighing a fraction of an's what I expected to hear.

Miller Canada - A missed opportunity to create a future customer.

Miller USA - Way to go. I'm impressed. I'll tell my friends.



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If you want a really good price on a tripod, give a call to
Custom Supply in Birmingham, Ala. They beat anything I've seen out there for Sachtler, Vinten, O'Conner..or anything else
you're looking for. I know this looks like I'm doing a commercial for them but I do a lot of purchasing and therefore
do a great deal of comparative shopping.

The Daywood

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We just bought quite a few Miller DV10 Solo CF tripods for the equipment room, and I really wanted to go local...We bought our cameras, media and PortaBraces through our local guy, but they were $600 more expensive per tripod than B&H...The bid went local for everything but the tripods, and I saved us $9000...