Scary what you can do with a phone.


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So I take a geeky tourist open top bus ride last night armed with only an iPhone XS and an Osmo Mobile gimbal. Edited on LumaFusion while sitting at a pub, and voila!

Nice. We have a DJI Mavic Pro that we use for our drone work, but honestly we don't fly it a lot. We actually use it more as a gimbal. We have a tray that the drone folds up and fits in, phone sits in the top of the tray, and it has handles on the sides. It makes for a pretty good gimbal.

And London is definitely on my bucket list. Since leaving news I've been able to travel a lot on other productions... So far I've been to Ireland, Siberia, Finland, Brazil, Australia, and Germany. Those have mostly been working trips, well, except for Ireland. That was vacation and we just shot some material for a web series we were working on at the time along the way. I've got a few friends in the UK I want to visit, so I'm eager to visit London.