Russian TV channel NTV job ???


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Russian TV channel NTV job D.C. area ???

Hey folks, I got this email today. I don't know if it is legit. It is for a shoot in Alexandria, VA (misspelled in email). I am not interested, and just passing this along in case anyone is interested in investigating it.

Im a producer for russian tv channel NTV. My name is Pavel.
Im looking for camera crew in Aleksandrija, Virginia to make a tv report. We are planning to make a tv report about one russian girl being adopted by american foster parents, now she is looking for her real russian parents, and we are willing to cover this news.
Now we are arranging a filming with her and she must confirm the date and time for shooting. We hope that shooting will take place Monday or Tuesday, but we have no confirmation yet.
We are looking for freelance cameraman who can film her and interview. Shooting are going to be held in 2/3 locations - home, street and maybe music studio (she is a musician). She is based in Aleksandrija.
Are you able hold these shooting for us and stay in touch until she confirm the date and time?
Unfortunately now we cant tell you when the filming will take place exactly.
We look forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance."
Pavel Morozov,
producer for NTV
Tel: +7-967-160-48-22 , +7-967-229-90-36
Skype: Jazzman191
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I got this message too. I replied but said was not open until later in the week. Got an immediate reply that since they are a daily news show that there is a tight turn on this. Never got to the money question.

As much as I would suspect this as a bogus offer my stink meter was not pegging in the red. I would more like write this off as a person with a poor command of English and not really prepared to take the time to craft a feature news profile that does not require the urgent, breaking news treatment.