Production boards tracking work history & related crewmembers


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Does anybody else find it a little disturbing that at least one production board, maybe more, has been tracking its members' work history (shows) along with other related crewmembers that worked on the same show you and others did?

I've been a member of a huge production site for 15 yrs where you list your resume, apply to job offers & production companies can easily search and find good matches for specific show formats based on your listed info.

But since site feature enhancements over the last few years, I've been getting e-mails about new available crew positions along with a note that says you also worked with John Smith and whoever else on this or that show. It said I worked on a series show with a member here, which is true, but on different episodes in a different city.

I'd really like to ask him if he also worked with a notorious, micro-managing, slave-driving, super bitch female field producer on that show. We shot epically long interviews (later found to cover her ass in post) frequently rolling out tapes, exhausting the cast under hot lights in small hotel rooms and got overtime almost everytime she came to town, which is all we looked forward to with her. Other FPs in rotation were more efficient doing it quicker with little to no overtime and were alot nicer. She was a senior producer and did good work but I was told they couldn't wait until her contract was up. I also heard she got into it with a well known female celebrity on another show and was or almost fired on the spot, not surprised.

I have also discovered that one very well known longtime veteran network shooter that rarely, if ever, posts here anymore and is probably retired by now shot for me several years ago, small world. It was a 4 camera shoot with only a day's notice, he was unusually available & I was lucky to secure him.


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Personally I think it's a cool feature. It's only using info that I supplied, not surreptitiously google searching my name to link me to other people.

If you're that curious, send a message. The other person might get a laugh, or at least a bit of nostalgia.