Post-disaster image sharing

What is the standard and practice for sharing post-disaster images with public agencies. We know the news value but these are also quite valuable in damage assessment. A news organization may only select a few compelling images but the collection of unpublished images (still or video) could help relief agencies direct help and other resources to places of need.

Of course these agencies are welcome to gather their own material. Such a deal could be made if photojournalists are seeking access to prohibited areas and if the agency has not or will not obtain these image gathering resources.

Many news operations have a strict policy of never sharing unpublished images. This deal could present a problem if such a policy is in play.

I am anticipating such a situation where the resource being used is an aerial platform. It could be a manned system, such as a conventional helicopter, but likely a swiftly emerging unmanned system that gives journalists a good platform to gather compelling images. Regulations are not clear and many local agencies may feel they have the authority to prohibit such flights for some good reasons and many bad reasons. A photographer may want to offer sharing images in exchange for access.